Boy MSN Name – Girl MSN Name

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Scrool Down for Girls names

:PNice legs…what time do they open:P

Do you work for UPS? I thought I saw you checking out my package 😉

You’ve got 206 bones in your body, want one more?

I’m a bird watcher and I’m looking for a Big Breasted Bed Thrasher: have you seen one?

You must be the limp doctor because I’ve got a stiffy :P;)

(6)Those clothes would look great in a crumpled heap on my bedroom floor(6)

Hi, I’m Mr. Right. Someone said you were looking for me

😉 Just call me milk, I’ll do your body good 😉

(B)it doesnt matta if u win or loose, its how drunk u get(B)

(&)she THINKS she had style…She THINKS she has class….BUT what i know is….She dont have 1 inch of an ass(&)


If i was a dog and u were a flower I’d lift my leg high, And give you a shower!!

Was ur daddy a baker coz u got a nice set of buns!!

Hey, baby…if you were a new hamburger at McDonalds, i would name you the McVery Sexy.

show them a screw and say wanna screw and if they say yes say lets go! if they say no say well why not, it’ll just be 2 boards rubbin’ together!

is your dad a hunter cuz u have nice racks!

(@) The cutest kittens have the sharpest claws (@)

:P;) I’ve lost my phone number. Can I have yours? ;):P

(6);) I’ve lost my teddy bear.Could you sleep with me tonight? ;)(6)

😉 If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t come to school 😉

Ur so ugly tht b4 your mum goes to kiss you good night she puts a paperbag over ur head

Hey baby, how ‘bout u come sit on my lap and we’ll talk ‘bout the first thing that pops up! 😉

nice perfume…..y marinate in it?

Your so fat you ate Jenny and Craig:O!

I love what you’ve done with your hair. How did you get it to come out of one nostril like that? 😛

*I refuse to engage in a battle of wits, as I will not take advantage of the handicapped*

(&):PYou know, I do understand you.. I have a nack with dogs like you!!:P(&)

(%):PIf being ugly is a crime, u wood get a life sentence!!:P(%)

Diamonds are nice, and so are pearls, but nothing compares to good looking girls 😉

(U)Love is like falling down… in the end you’re left hurt, scarred, and with a memory of it forever(U)

Girl you kinda like vitamin C ‘cause you make my BONE get HARD! 😉

You have been a very naughty girl! Now go to my room! (6)

(6) I’m so hot i make the devil sweat (6)

You think your cool, you think your fine, but kick it with me and you’ll reach the sky

Born 2 please, but taught to tease 😉

(B)(au)If u drink n drive ur a bloody idiot n if u make it home ur a bloody legend!(au)(B)

The best things in life are done lying down.. Body Boarding;)!

The only thing I want between our relationship is Latex

You’re the worst lookin chick here but beauty is only a light switch away

I would of given you the ket to my heart, but u have already picked the lock

:D(Y)(B)My teacher said I could become anything so I became drunk(B)(Y):D

(6)Dont make me mad..Im running out of places to hide the bodies(6)

((( :P;) Lasses are mint, lasses are kool, lasses are here to make us drool! ;):P )))

* Girls Are Better Than Boys, We All Know It, Boys Try too Hard, But Still Don’t Show It!

* Girls Are Like Fireworks, Their Kisses Light Up The Night, Their Hugs Make Everything Bright!

* Girls Are So Complex, They Confuse Themselves!

* Girls Cheat But We Never Get Caught!

* Good Looking Girls Are Hard To Find, That’s Why You Don’t See Me Too Often!

* $5,000,000 Reward for fixing my broken heart 😦

* Good Looking Girls Are Hard To Find, That’s Why You Don’t See Me Too Often!

* Girls rule! (literally look at the queen of England!)

* (a)Good girls r (6)Bad girls who neva get caught! 😉

* I’m too much princess for 1 boy

* True friends are like stars, sometimes you can’t see them but they’re always there.

* Don’t wear a frown, its never in style, just try ur best, to smile smile smile :D!

* I’m so beautiful I married myself!

Girls Names for MSN Messenger

* 😛 Didn’t ask to be a princess, but hey if the crown fits! 😛

* Don’t be afraid to be yourself, the people who matter don’t care; the people that care don’t

* I’d like a diamond, I’d like some gold, I’d like a pearl, Because I’m daddy’s little girl 🙂

* ur looks, ur smile, ur kiss, ur style everythin bout u boy drives me wild

* You know I love you, You know I care, Whenever you need me I will be there!

* If Love Is A Crime I Would Be In Jail Forever

MSN Messenger Names for Girls

* Roses are red, Violets are blue, God made me pretty, But what happened to you!

* Do you believe in love at first site..? Or do I have to walk past again?

* Im YOUNG and BEAUTIFUL thats all that counts!

* Ur only bad if u get caught… so that makes me a good girl.. right?!

* Im sorry, do I look like I was listening?~

* Smokin can really kill a person, y dont u try it?!

Girls MSN Nick Names

* Ur like my maths book, u hav lots of problems!

* Sometimes I wish I was a little kid again.. Skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts!

* SMART girls are more interested in having FUN than trying to look perfect~!

* We are the people your parents warned you about!

* Don’t Treat Me Any Differently Than You Would The Queen

* Know everyone you love but dont love everyone you know

Sweet MSN Names for Girls

* Dont wear a frown, its neva in style, just do ur best 2 SMILE SMILE SMILE!

* Dont ask me complicated questions! I’m blonde!

* When god made me, he was just showin off!

* Caution: I’m mental! communicate with me at ur own risk!

* My name isn’t Elmo, but tickle me anyway!

* My Dad (L)’s Me N I (L) His Credit Card

Girly MSN Names

* I won’t mess with your head or play with your heart, Because I’m a real girl and I finish what I start.

* You shouldn’t be anyone specail to me, Your just another guy. you shouldn’t lead me on exspcially if it’s a lie, one day it’s love the next day it’s done, you hurt me to much to be the one

* At night i pray that soon your face will fade away!

* I’m not perfect, niether is he but together we just may be!

* (*) Im a supergirl and Im here to save the world (*)

* Tired of trying, Sick of crying, yeah i’m smiling but inside I’m dying!

* Someone asked if I knew you, it was sad cause all I could say was ” I used to”

* Please don’t think I’m crazy, I don’t want you to understand. My mind is going hazy, to hell with your helping hand… Why don’t you just leave me alone, this conflict is my own!

Cool MSN Names for Girls

* Girls don’t like boys, girls like money and expensive cars!

* God made sand, God made dirt, God made boys so girls can flirt!

* I love you is eight letters long but so is bullshit!

* Looking 4 Mr. Right

* Miss.Ms ©

MSN Names for Girls

* Forget chocolate, Diamonds are my best friend!

* Boys are great, every girl should own 1 (or two… three…)

* :)I’m too pretty to do math 😉

* Im part of the F.B.I: Im Faboulos, beautiful and Intelligent

* Sweet yet loud, Im a cutie ‘n’ proud!

* I’m not a goddess I’m not a queen, I’m just the prettiest girl you have ever seen!(K)

* Broken Baby Doll


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