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A Day Without Light Is…Like…Well….Humm…Night!

A Dream Is A Wish Made When You Are Fast Asleep

A Fly Cant Bird……But A Bird Can Fly.…Think About It!

A Friend Is One Who Knows Us But, Loves Us Anyway!

A Friend Is Someone That Sees You Cry…A True Friend Has A Soggy Shoulder From It

A Good Friend Will Bail You Out Of Jail But A Best Friend Will Be There With You Saying, “Damn That Was Fun!”

A Girl And A Guy Can Be Just Friends, But At One Point Or Another They Will Fall For Each Other…Maybe Temporarily, Maybe At The Wrong Time, Maybe Too Late, Or Maybe Forever…

A Girls Gotta Do What A Girls Gotta Do But A Boys Gotta Do What A Girl Wants Him To Do…

A Good Girl Is Hard To Find A Bad Girl Is Hard To Resist

A Heart Is Not A Play Thing A Heart Is Not A Toy But If You Want It Broken…Just Give It To A Boy!

A Kiss Blown Is A Kiss Wasted Cause A Kiss Aint A Kiss Until It’s Tasted

A Kiss Is Jusr A Kiss Til You Find The One You Love, A Hug Is Just A Hug Til It’s The One Your Thinking Of A Dream Is Juat A Dream Til You Make It Come True, Love Is Just A Word Til it’s Proven To You!

A Kiss On The Hand May Be Quite Contienental, But Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

A Love That Is Denied Only Grows Stronger…

A Memory Lasts Forever Never Does It Die True Friends Stay Together And Never Say Goodbye!

A Million Words Would Not Bring You Back, I Know, Because I’ve Tried. Neither Would A Million Tears. I Know, Because I’ve Cried

A Part Of You Has Grown In Me, Together Forever Shall We Be, Never Apart Maybe In Distance But Not In Heart!

A Peach Is A Peach, A Plum Is A Plum, A Kiss Isn’t A Kiss Without Some Tongue!

A Person Who Asks A Question Is A Fool For Five Minutes, A Person Who Doesn’t Is A Fool Forever…

A Pretty Girl Can Kiss A Guy, A Bird Can Kiss A Butterfly, The Rising Sun Can Kiss The Grass, But You Hunnie Can Kiss My Ass!

A Smile Is A Curve That Can, Straighten Out ALot Of Things!

A Star Fell From The Sky, And I Knew I Cought It…Then When I Fell For You Where Were You To Catch Me?

A Stranger Stabs You In The Front. A Boyfriend Stabs You In The Heart. A Friend Stabs You In The Back, But Best Friends Don’t Carry Knives!

A Stupid Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

A Tear For A Tear, An Eye For An Eye, And You Know That My Heart Don’t Cry….

A Wise Men Once Said…”I Dont Know Go Ask A Women!”

A Woman Still Remembers The First Kiss Long After The Man Has Forgotten The Last

A World Of Hapiness Could Not Replace What I Have Lost…

A.D.I.D.A.S – All Day I Dream About Sex

Abuse Me, Use Me…But Only With And For Hugs And Kisses!

Act Your Age, Not Your Shoe Size

Adam Said To God “God Can You Make Me A Partener” God Said It Will Cost You An Arm And A Leg, Adam Said, “What Can I Get For A Rib?”

After My Ex & I Broke Up, I Thought I Loved You But Its Sad Cause I Never Did And I Never Will

All Good Girls And Boys Go To Heaven Thats Why I Wasn’t Invited!

All Men Are Alike…They Just Have Different Faces To Tell Them Apart

All Of You Who Talk About Me, Thanxs For Making Me The Center Of Your World

All You Girls Think You’re Tough…Well All Your Stuff Ain’t That Rough. You Think You Know The Deal… But It’s Me & My Girls Who Be Keepin It Real

Always Be Yourself And Say What You Feel, Cause Those Who Mind Don’t Matter And Those Who Matter Don’t Mind!

Always Wear Cute Pajamas Cause You Never Know Who You’ll Meet In Ur Dreams

American Express ® How May I Fuck You?

An Angel Is What I Was Meant To Be That’s Why Being Sweet Comes So Naturally!

An Answer To That Nagging Question…I Let The Dogs Out!

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away…But If The Doctor’s Cute Than Screw The Fruit!

An Error Isnt A Mistake Until You Refuse To Correct It!

An Open Mind Is Good So Is An Open Window, But We Keep A Screen Over It To Keep All Of The Bugs Out!

And There You Are Holding Hands…And Im Lost, Trying To Understand

Angels Are Suppose To Be Good, If There So Good Why Did One Break My Heart?

Anger Is Only One letter Short For Danger

A Guy Who Can Put Up With My Shit Deserves An Award

Anyone Can Catch Your Eyes, But Ity Takes Someone Special To Catch Your Heart!

Anyone Can Give Up Smoking But It Takes A Reak man To Face Cancer!

Are Those Astronaute Pants? Cause Your Ass Is Out Of This World!

Are You Free Tonight Or Is It Gonna Cost Me?

Artificial Inteligence Is No Match For Natural Stupidity!

As An Older and More Mature young Adult Your Just Is To…Make Fun Of Little Kids!

As I Said Before…I Never Repeat Myself!

As I Walk Down The Street All Guys Stare In My Direction, Of Course They Do Cause Im Pure Perfection!

At First You Didn’t Mean Much To Me But Now, Your All I Need!

At First You Dissed Me, Now You Want To Kiss Me…Haha You Missed Me!

At First I Cried Beacause I Didn’t Have You…Why Do I Still Cry Now That I Do?


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Amigos, me he mudado hace tiempo a esta web, nos vemos aqui!!!



Amigos, me he mudado hace tiempo a esta web, nos vemos aqui!!!




Amigos, me he mudado hace tiempo a esta web, nos vemos aqui!!!




Amigos, me he mudado hace tiempo a esta web, nos vemos aqui!!!




Amigos, me he mudado hace tiempo a esta web, nos vemos aqui!!!

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