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Waiting For Prince Charming!

Wanna Get Laid? Crawl Up The Chickens Ass And Wait!

Warning: Next Mood Swing In Three Minutes!

Was It Just Me Or Did I Notice You Staring At My Erection!

Was There A Rainbow Today? Cause I Think I Just Found The Treasure At The End!

We Are The People Your Parents Warn You About!

We Had Gay Burglers Last Night, They Came In And Rearranged Our Furniture!

Well I Am Here Now Where Did You Go?

What A Shame, Looks Like The Ugly Fairy Kissed You On Both Cheeks!

What Came First…The Chicken Or The Egg?

What Happens If You Get Scared Half To Death Twice?

What Lies Before Us And What Lies Behind Us Are Tiny Matters To What Lies Between Us!

What You See Is Never What You Get!

What You See Is What You Get So Drool On, Dream On, Move On!

What You See Is What You Get So Make Your Move You Wont Regret!

Whats Starts With An F And Ends With A UCK?…Fire Truck!

What’s The Difference Between Boy Soccer And Girl’s Soccer?…Oh Yeah…Girls Make It Look Better!

What’s Your Name? Or Don’t Angels Have Name?

When A Girl Loves A Guy The Sweetest Thing In The World Is To Hear Him Admit He Treasures Her!

When A Man Steals Your Wife There Is No Better Revange Than To Let Him Keep Her!

When God Made Me He Was Just Showing Off!

When I Die…I Wanna Be Bured Upside Down So The Whole World Can Kiss My Ass!

When I Walk Into A Room All The Guys Look In My Direction…But Can I Blame Them Im Pure Perfection!

When I Was Younger I Played With Toys Now That Im Older I Play With Boys!

When Im Not In My Right Mind, My Left Mind Gets Pretty Crowded!

When In Love Be Fair And Honest Even When It Hurts!

When It Hurts To Look Back And Your Scared To Look Ahead…Look Beside You…I’ll Be There!

When Life Gives You Hot Guys…Dates Them!

When One Door Closes, Another Opens…Sometimes We Spend So Much Time Looking At The Closed Ones We Don’t See The Ones That Oppened!

When Times Get Hard…All I Do Is Close My Eyes And Think Of You!

When You Fall Into Love Be Prepared For The Other Person To Fall Out…Most Relationship Don’t Last A Lifetime!

When You Finally Find The Perfect Guy You Think To Yourself Why Isnt He Taken?

When You Judge Others You Don’t Define Them You Define Yourself!

When You Need Me, I’ll Lie For You…You Know This Girl Right Here Would Die For You!

When Your Ex Gets Over You In A Bling You Know It Was Right To Dump Him And Say Buh Bye!

When Your Sitting At Home With A Knife In Your Vest…Take It Out And Plunge It In Your Chest!

Whenever I See You…My Whole Body Goes Week…Everything But My Heart!

Where Honor Dies…Defeat Lies!

Wheres The Good In Goodbye?

While Me And My Girls Be Chaking Our Hips…You And Them Boys Be Licking Their Lips!

Who Ever Said Nothing Is Possible Never Tried Slamming A Revolving Door!

Who Would Win A Fight…A Cougar Or A Bear?

Whoever Said Loves asts Forever Was Drunk!

Whoever Said Money Can’t Buy Hapiness Aint Been Shopping In The Right Malls!

Why Are You So Mean?…Now Get Out Of My Way Before I Turn Green!

Why Do They Call It A French Kiss If Italians Do It The Best?

Why Do You Park In Driveways And Drive In Parkways?

Why Does A Rose Represent Love When A Rose Always Dies!

Why Don’t You Put A Condom On Your Head Cause If Your Gonna Act Like A Dick Might As Well Dress Like One!

Why Drink And Drive When You Can Smoke And Fly!

Why Go To High School When You Can Go To School High?

Why Grow Grass When Soon Enough You Will Mow The Grass?

Why Is It I Must Climb Thousands Of Mountains To Get To You And All You Gotta Do Is Smile!

Why Is It That Everyone Think Where Perfect For Eachother But The Only One Who Can’t See That Is You!

Why Is It That Everything You Say Makes Me Cry!

Why Is It When A Boy Is A Player He IS Considered A Pro But When A Girl Tries The Game She Is Considered A Hoe?

Why Is The Alphabet Song And The Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Song On The Same Tune?

Will I Ever Fall In Love…And If I Do…Will It Be With You?

Winning Isnt Everything But Loosing Is Nothing!

Wish I Was A Flower, Wish I Was A Bee Enough Of This Crap Now Talk To Me!

With An X And An O Im Out Like Woah!

Wo Wo Wo Wo The Police Are Coming Cause Im So Hyper!

Wo Wo Wo Wo The Police Are Coming Cause Your So Stupid!

Women Driver…No Survivor!

Would You Catch Me If I Fall Would You Even Notice Me At All?

X And O’s Diamonds And Toes This Little Cutie Has Brand Name Clothes!


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Amigos, me he mudado hace tiempo a esta web, nos vemos aqui!!!



Amigos, me he mudado hace tiempo a esta web, nos vemos aqui!!!




Amigos, me he mudado hace tiempo a esta web, nos vemos aqui!!!




Amigos, me he mudado hace tiempo a esta web, nos vemos aqui!!!




Amigos, me he mudado hace tiempo a esta web, nos vemos aqui!!!

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